How to Play HORSE Poker

In today’s world, there are a number of social networking sites as well as a number of online casinos extending the range of games that are associated with a deck of cards for the sheer joy of creating a fun based atmosphere for the general public crowd. Right from Texas hold em up poker, to eight hand stud poker, every game has been taken up by the young generation of today. So in order to have a more competitive game play scenario as well as a more entertaining game scenario there has evolved a game that is made up of 5 games and is known as HORSE poker.

It is named ‘Horse’ poker for the fact that every letter in the word horse stands for the name of each type of game that is being played by people all over the world.

  • H = Hold’em
  • O = Omaha hi lo poker
  • R = razz low ball poker
  • S = seven hand stud poker
  • E = Eight hand stud poker

In a tournament of HORSE poker players get to play each of the above mentioned types of games thereby increasing the competitive nature of the game scenario – the same goes for live poker and internet poker. There are specific rule for each game and players need to be focused and alert during playing time. the rule of HORSE poker dictate that every round or as per when the dealer tag shifts to the next person another game has to played compulsorily which is in the table or HORSE poker. For e.g. if the current round that is being played is eight hand stud poker it is necessary that according to the rules that the next game to be played should be Texas Hold em up poker. This process keeps on following for the rest of game.

Remember that it is imperative for each player who is playing HORSE poker to know the rule and regulations that govern every other variety of the games included in a traditional HORSE poker setup. You should also keep in mind that like Texas Hold em up poker there are many table limits that you can play on starting from $2 to $1000 and above. You should also be aware that all these HORSE poker game tables are limit poker game tables and thus you will lose only the amount which is equal to the big blind or small blind whichever is applicable.

In this game it is not possible for one to get to learn how to play a single game as every round the game changes and it may take a lot of time and patience for one to really grasp the rules and regulations that govern each type of game. Beginners should begin playing at smaller limit tables as they will be able to learn to play the game without loosing too much of their money. it is however a good idea for one to learn the rules and regulations for each type of game before indulging in HORSE poker.

Horse poker is a poker game that is played for high stakes at casinos and big parties. Horse poker is generally an acronym that stands for the various types of poker variations that are mixed into a single tournament. Playing a horse poker tournament is fun as players will enjoy playing in an atmosphere of suspense as well as excitement as also they will be able to play 5 different games of poker in a single poker game tournament.

Horse poker is played by professional players in the online, as well as, traditional brick and mortar areas as beginners find it difficult to switch suddenly from one game to another or for that matter from no limit games to pot limit games. For one to be able to play HORSE poker, you need to have knowledge about all the rules and regulations that govern the 5 games that make up HORSE poker. Though players may be accustomed to playing Texas Hold em up, seven hand stud poker as well as Omaha poker they might be not familiar with games like eight hand poker, razz low ball poker as well as other better versions of these games.

Below is a small write up about every game that makes it in the list of HORSE poker table all over that world.

– Texas hold em poker

Texas hold em up poker is a famous game as far as online resources are concerned as most of the social networking sites as well as many online casinos host this game or version of it. When one plays this type of game he/she should be vary to look out for give away signs of their opponents and other mannerisms. At the very start as this is a pot limit game you should be on the lookout for these signs as these can help you seal big pot wins. Keep in mind though – this is limit hold’em, so no playing the Jack Seven off Suit!

– Omaha Hi- Lo poker

The basic aspect to keep in mind while playing Omaha hi lo poker is to look out for the best low hand as this will be your ticket to winning the pot if you really have it in you. The best low hand that a player can get in this version of a poker game is an Ace, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

– Razz lowball poker

razz lowball poker is the same as seven hand stud poker and employs the same rules of Omaha poker which means that in this game you are looking for the best low hand like A,2,3,4 and 5 to seal your win. As this game is not played by many online players you should take time off to be updated with the rules and regulations of this game before you sit down to play a HORSE poker tournament.

– Seven card hand stud poker

In this type of game you need to capitalize on your high card, which means that if you have a trio of aces in your hand you can be sure of a win. In short, you need to use the same type of attacking strategy that you generally use in a traditional Texas Hold em up game of poker.

– Eight card stud poker

This version of the game is very tough to comprehend and is played keeping in mind low cards and hands and thus you should look out for low hand straight or flush scenarios where you can strike it rich if you have the right set of cards.