Side Bet City by Evolution Gaming

Side Bet City, Evolution Gaming’s newest Table Game Show, is an enthralling game that can provide you with the necessary buzz. The easiest possible introduction to Poker for novice players is also visited by experienced players who understand the game. The easiest and fastest poker version to reach the online gambling market is the flashing neon lighting and Vegas-like vibe. This game provides big jackpots up to 1000x! So take a seat, trust your instincts, and enjoy the performance.

Let’s move into Side Bet City now that you understand how Poker is played.

What Is the Best Way to Win at Side Bet City?

3-Card Hand, 5-Card Hand, 7-Card Hand, and All Lose are the four betting options available to each participant.

Once the player has placed their bets, they are not compelled to make any decisions. This game is not the same as three-card Poker or Hold Em Poker Live Table Games, so keep that in mind.

NOT THE DEALER, but an unlimited number of players compete against a paytable at the same time.

The dealer deals seven cards face up from a 52-card deck that has been freshly shuffled, with the winning card combinations based on all of the pokers as mentioned above hands.

Except in the 3-Card Hand, only JJ QQ KK and AA count as pairs in this game for couples to pay. In the 5-Card Hand, the lower teams are ignored, and in the 7-Card Hand, pairs of JJ and higher are ignored.

Should I gamble on all possible outcomes?

Unless you have a lot of money, we advise against it. You might enhance your chances of winning slightly, but compared to your whole wager, you’d be picking up crumbs for wins. You’re quite likely to lose our Bankroll rapidly unless you strike a big gain early on.

The Insurance Bet: Everything Goes Wrong

The RTP of the All Lose spot is 96.29 percent, which is somewhat lower than the RTP of the 3 Card spot. This is referred to as the Insurance Bet.

In the worst-case situation, if the 3 Card doesn’t win, you’ll lose a lot less money than you would otherwise. If you fail on one of the other places, you’re only in the red by 30% (assuming you bet the same).

Should I continue to wager on 5 Card Hand because of the large payouts?

While the 5 Card Spot pays out the most on all hands except three of a kind, the RTP of 95.21 percent indicates that it is the poorest area to wager in the long run. We do occasionally wager on 5 Card Hand and other games. When the payoff arrives, it is massive.

The Side Bet City Winning Strategy

In actuality, there is no winning strategy in this game. However, by examining RTP and statistics, we can determine which positions and combinations are more likely to win than others.

We recommend betting on 3 Card and 5 Card hands if you prefer to play aggressively.

You should wager on 3 Card Hand and All Lose if you want to stretch your Bankroll and ease into things.

On June 25, 2019, while streaming his typical Table Games Tuesday, LetsGiveItASpin tested Side Bet City. He didn’t seem to like the game. He didn’t have access to a comprehensive tutorial like this before starting the game.

Not only to improve your odds of winning but also to gain a better understanding of the game and avoid having to wait for your screen to tell you if you’ve won. This adds to the excitement as you wait for the next card to reveal the massive 1000x payout.

So re-read this guide, put on your 80’s funk sneakers, and head over to LeoVegas to play Side Bet City. We hope you have a great time and win a lot of cash!