Variety in HORSE Poker Rooms

There are many gaming rooms for horse poker. Among them the one rated best so far is Poker Stars. For online poker, it is the largest site in the world and any one experienced in the game will vouch for the same. They offer customer service at its best with all support services including various bank choices, and the choicest of player base. Only recently Poker Stars was cited in the Guinness Book of World Records for staging the world’s biggest poker tournament with a total of 149196 players competing watched by half a million others logged in.

2010 Stellar Rewards Programme

Their 2010 Stellar Rewards Programme is one to watch out for. Not only is it an upgraded version of their much favoured VIP program, it will enable one to earn FPP’s faster and you will receive cash as and when you earn points. Their variety of other mixed poker games on offer is unmatched in the gaming circles.

Full tilt Poker claimed to be second best in poker room ratings attracts lesser volumes of traffic. But the variety of mixed poker games on offer is larger. Their 100% first bonus of $600 has been larger than what Poker Stars have on offer.

There are free-roll tournaments running every hour, which is astounding. The sizes and prizes of the free-roll tournaments vary but in the main tournament, 27 of the players get paid subject to an upper limit of 2700 entrants. For the rest of 2010 Full tilt is increasing their private free roll prizes up to $1000 from the previous $500.

The interesting thing to note is the division of $100 of guaranteed prize pools. The first player gets $15, second $12 and so on. The players from number 10 to 27 each get $2, which is sufficient to opt for a small sit and go tournament or a low stakes cash table. A seasoned veteran can skilfully use just the $2 and walk off with a cool million.

With an enviable team comprising of Phil Ivey, Mike “The Mouth” Matasow,Howard Lederer, Jennifer Harmen, Chris “Jesus” Ferguson and so on, one can expect nothing but the best inline poker room and gaming.

Full tilt has introduced two new mixed poker games viz, 7-Game Mix and OA Poker besides their usual fare viz Horse Poker, Heros Poker, HA Poker, HOSE Poker, HO Poker, HOE Poker, OE Poker and SE Poker. Not without reason its ranking comes second to the best.

Best Online Horse Poker Action Rooms

Absolutely without doubt, Absolute Poker room enjoys the third position in the ranks of best online horse poker action rooms, even though I know pros like Marcel Luske and Kenny Louagie prefer not to play there. Although not able to pull as much traffic as one would see at Poker Stars or Full Tilt, their active tables are always in double digits and stakes offered are wider in range. Their variety of games is limited to just two – Horse Poker and HOSE. Their main attraction is of course Horse Poker, which gets undivided attention. The participation at HORSE events at Absolute Poker room is comparable to both Poker Stars room and Full Tilt.

There are other minor sites offering mixed games on a much smaller scale but the players customarily play only the standard card game of poker i.e., Hold’em.